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An open platform is an opportunity

Digitization is inevitable step…
Robotic Arm production lines modern industrial technology. Automated production cell.

Open platforms create an opportunity for many existing players:

  • who contribute to the modernization of services and content
  • who are already implemented in the company
  • which provide an excellent but narrowly focused solution

By using modular solutions and open systems, new applications can be added by third parties.

The importance of open data and a platform to ensure the development of complex solutions:

  • Third party service providers
  • Start-ups and small companies can innovate through open platforms and add value to the solution

Today, no company in the world can build a comprehensive solution without the principles of openness.

Many companies that have attempted a “digital transformation” throughout the company have not been able to capture all the opportunities available from new technologies.

Most companies find themselves in a “pilot cleanse” without a clear approach to the diffusion of digital innovation in manufacturing.

Success on a large scale is often hampered by the absence of several basic elements:

  • Strategic direction on where and how digital manufacturing will bring real business value
  • Required new digital skills – technical, managerial and transformational – to truly understand the need for change and to carry out the process of change in digitization itself
  • Robust data and IT infrastructures are often fragmented and become an obstacle to the scaling of successful pilots

To support digitization, it´s necessary:

  • To build a community of digital change experts, data engineers and IoT architects
  • Or to hire an external consultancy to fill all these posts and stand close to the existing “digital heroes” directly from the organization

Current state – ordinary situation

  • Implementation of MRP processes in the business systems – majority
  • Implementation of RTP processes in the business systems – rarely
  • Preparation or partial realization in Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) – exceptionally
  • Industry 4.0, Smart functionality – tip of the iceberg

but there are still many activities in different processes which are not actively managed and monitored

  • Current real-time consumption statuses of energy media by location of consumption and subsequent evaluation of adopted efficiency measure
  • Synthetic analyzes to control efficiency of production processes (multiple layers of view – energy, time, power, people, production mix. etc.)
  • Active dashboard for real time process status monitoring

Be more cost-effective:

  • Direct correlation of the costs for energy consuptions with various production patterns and product mix – best optimal scenario planning
  • Movement of the employees and logistic equipment / opportunities to find efficient routes and manning, manipulation , Kanban and supporting whs storage locations
  • Process flow optimization, layout constant optimization though workplace/proximity/manning and logistics data monitoring and defining process optimal position in the plant
  • Cross functional efficiencies (i.e. – logistics vs optimal machine size vs output.. ) using AI tools and smart features
  • Setting platform for plant operating with closed plan/capacity/optimal process OEE cycle without mid supervising level involvement – costs savings on indirect labor and management/control costs

Why with WorkSys:

  • Low costs/investment to launch and start
  • Low infrastructure needs for initial phases
  • Open and modular, easy to integrate new modules and existing plant infrastructure
  • Simple to design and draw , multiple layers for layered management and data processing (plant designer)

All without necessity to interfere with existing MRP, ERP, MES and other installed systems!

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