Why CitySys is one of the best solution for a Smart City concepts? - OMS Intelligence Solutions

September 24, 2018

CitySys platform is built around the Open Smart City Concept, which is driven by two principles

Open Smart City Architecture with ability to integrate/change components and systems on any architecture layer and Open Smart City Ecosystem of suppliers delivering solutions with standardised and open API for remote commands & data exchange.

CitySys platform is mature IoT platform expanded with many modules to face Smart City challenges. As the key features of the platform over standard solutions can be mentioned:

  • Flexibility in Device & Asset Management with great possibilities how and what to create as device with what attributes and telemetry, modelling the real world of devices and using this model for various challenging operations, expanding data structures with special complex objects to store.
  • Rule Engine and Plugins Extensions brings huge possibilities for data processing and data storage or flexibility in remote calls of services and device(s) running by same rule engine containing defined rules.
  • Full Multi-tenant support with complete separation of customer data as required by the modelling of associations of urban agglomerations (district, whole city, region, etc.)
  • High Data Availability is extended to near-real time scenarios such a subscriptions (possibility to see data change immediately) or complex data queries (covering all data requests including latest telemetry data over all devices).
  • Platform Openness in architecture design which brings possibility to connect or integrate any 3rd systems or devices to platform on any level which are Edge, Connectivity or Platform. Platform support wide range of standards and protocols such a MQTT and can be used by 3rd systems using interfaces as REST or GraphQL.
  • Performance, scalability and fault-tolerant requirements is supported using modern architecture, technologies and patterns. Platform is ready for horizontal scaling, core components are fault-tolerant.
  • Deployment scenarios are wide, platform can be deployed in on-premise, private or public cloud environment.

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