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March 12, 2019

Sensoneo from Slovakia is helping with Smart Waste Management in 25 Countries.

The Slovak company SENSONEO is a global supplier of comprehensive waste management solutions. It enables cities and private companies to optimise costs, become more environmentally friendly and increase the quality of life. Its unique smart waste management technology has caused a revolution in the way waste is managed. Sensoneo is also one of the important partners who have contributed their know-how to CityCys – a unique open platform developed for smart city management.

The topic of waste resonates with an increasingly large audience. Waste and finding ways of optimising the management of its collection and processing are some of the biggest challenges of our
time. And since the population is becoming more and more centralised in cities, producing an evergrowing amount of waste, its management is becoming an extremely important topic – not only
in regard to the operation of cities and quality of life within them, but also in regard to environmental and financial circumstances.

Waste management is one of the most important services a city provides and citizens are very sensitive to its quality. It is also one of the most expensive services – municipal service fees are
very low, while the waste management and collection costs are extremely high. Waste collection makes up a majority of these costs and it also presents the biggest space for optimisation. For
instance, the waste collection and disposal costs that the city of Bratislava paid in 2017 add up to 25 million euros.

The large potential for innovation in this area and the booming market with smart waste solutions motivated us to start developing ultrasound sensors and software with the ambition
of revolutionising the way waste is managed. Currently they become a part of CitySys platform, which represents a meaningful concept covering all areas of Smart City Management.

Proof Is in the Data

The very first implementation of our software and sensors took place in the city of Nitra and brought tangible results. In 2013, our first client, Nitra Waste Management Services (NKS), started
setting up large numbers of semi-underground containers. This motivated them to look for a solution that would make it possible to maximise the benefits of this type of container. Since March 2015, Sensoneo has gradually installed 471 sensors to monitor the fullness of the containers. After semi-underground containers, we also started monitoring glass waste containers since they are filled irregularly and abruptly. In addition to waste monitoring in containers, which is accessed using mobile and web apps, NKS employees also use another piece of software that allows them to optimise waste collection routes and also provides analytics that help them make better strategic decisions based on real data.

The implementation of Sensoneo’s solution has helped NKS get an accurate overview of waste, optimise waste collection and reduce the company’s costs by 30%, thus becoming an integral part of the Smart City model in Nitra. The corrective measures that took place used the data from sensors as an objective basis for implementation. The data provided by our solution helps clients manage waste better and achieve significant cost savings.

We used a similar method to increase the efficiency of glass collection for another client of ours – a company responsible for waste management in the town of Malacky and 24 villages in the Záhorie region. The implementation of our solution increased the efficiency with which labour and waste collection vehicles were used, while also optimising waste collection by tracking the actual fullness of containers.


  • Unlimited access to information on actual fill-levels of all monitored bins
  • An absolute control on waste (information about fill-level, type of waste, GPS location, temperature, fire alarm, tilt alarm, pickup confirmation)
  • Data-driven waste management allowing to make wise strategic decisions
  • Significant reduction of waste collection cost (30 – 60% according to the coverage)
  • System-automated creation of most effective waste collection routes reflecting current fill-levels
  • Professional navigation co-developed with Sygic company dedicated specifically for waste collection vehicles. It enables to monitor vehicles realtime, update the route online, check the time when the vehicle should stop by specific stand, compare planned routes with executed routes and many other funcionalities.
  • Most effective use of technological and human resources
  • Lower environmental footprint and less carbon emissions in cities
  • Cleaner environment in city and better quality of waste management service for citizens


Two more cities are currently benefiting from this solution. Sensoneo is fully implemented or currently being piloted in 20 towns and cities all over Slovakia. Successful implementation is typically the result of cooperation between the city and the waste collection company. In most cases these two parties also co-finance the services. This model is used in cities like Trnava and Hlohovec (the FCC waste collection company), Malacky (TEKOS), Trenčín (Marius Pedersen), Handlová (Hater – Handlová), Košice (KOSIT) and Stropkov (Technické služby Stropkov). However, the benefits of smart waste management are equally relevant for smaller towns – the T-T waste collection company is implementing the Sensoneo solution in Bytča, Teplička nad Váhom, Senica and Dolná Tižina.

Sensoneo around the World

Sensoneo smart waste management has caught the interest of cities and companies all over the world. In addition to Slovakia and the Czech Republic (Sensoneo has been continuously running
pilot projects in various Czech cities and has also won the tender for waste container monitoring services in the capital city of Prague), the solution has been successful in Italy, the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, the Nordic countries and Germany.

There is a lot of interest in smart waste management in the Middle East, which is showing significant effort to quickly adopt smart city solutions. In this region, Sensoneo is working in cooperation
with several partners, including the headquarters of Huawei, and the solution has been implemented in the hundreds in Dubai and Bahrain. The solution is especially popular in the U.S., where the optimisation of waste collection represents an independent part of the waste market. When doing a pilot installation of the solution in an NB-IoT network in the U.S., Sensoneo worked directly with the U.S. headquarters of T-Mobile, which became its partner in the American market. By doing so, Sensoneo became the first producer of a smart waste management solution to be implemented in the first state-wide network of things in the U.S. Hundreds of Sensoneo sensors are currently installed in Ohio and California.

Sensoneo is an active member of renowned international associations, alliances and unions in the areas of Smart Cities and IoT, such as the LoRa Alliance and Sigfox. The uniqueness of Sensoneo’s solution and the benefits it brings have already translated into several awards, such as the environmentally focused 2016 Golden Ant Award for Innovative Solutions, Mission Award 2017 for innovations that help solve important social challenges, Innovative Act 2018 from the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic and Microsoft Awards 2018 in the Public Administration and Modern City Development category.

Competitive Advantages of SENSONEO

  1. Universal
    The solution is able to monitor any type of waste in bins of different types and sizes
  2. Easy to set-up
    To implement the solution, there is no need to buy specific containers – simply apply the solution to your current bins.
  3. Network-agnostic
    Sensoneo sensors can connect to any type of IoT network – Sigfox, LoRaWAN, NBIoT and Cat-M. If there is no IoT network
    available in the location, we can connect to GSM/GPRS.
  4. Top quality
    Sensors are designed, developed and produced inhouse in Sensoneo company, located in Bratislava, capital of Slovakia
  5. Easy integrability
    The solution does not require to replace current information system – it can be easily integrated and combine benefits
    of both.

Transparency, Data and Savings

These are the main benefits that a city can gain by implementing the right waste management system. The Sensoneo solution makes waste management completely transparent, it
brings extremely valuable data and, most importantly, it makes it possible to collect waste according to the actual need, in contrast with the currently predominant method of periodical
collection. This results in lower costs for waste collection, while also reducing unnecessary and abrupt traffic stops caused by waste collection vehicles and removing excessive environmental
pressures. Citizens appreciate the constant availability of containers with sufficient free capacity and the option to use a free app for citizens that informs them about the current fullness of
monitored containers in the city and the type of waste they are meant for. The app can navigate people to whichever container they choose and it also gives them the opportunity to report any
problems with container stations directly to the operator.


About the Company

The Sensoneo smart waste management solution was developed in 2014. Sensoneo designs, develops, and produces several versions of custom smart sensors that monitor all types of waste in containers of various types and sizes. Information about container fullness is transmitted using all available IoT (or GRPS/GSM) networks to the Sensoneo software, where it is further processed in order to enable the clients to make decisions based on real data and optimise waste collection routes, their frequency and vehicle capacity.

In summer 2017, Sensoneo received an important investment, enabling it to kickstart global growth and become a leader in smart waste management. The company quickly managed to join other state-of-the-art smart waste solutions from all over the world. Sensoneo is currently implemented in 110 cities on 5 different continents. Sensoneo’s solutions are distributed through its network of partners, which includes technological giants such as Microsoft and Nokia, telecommunications operators such as T-Mobile, Vodafone, Huawei and Orange, systems integrators such as Slovanet, Soitron and Analog Devices, IoT network operators such as CRA and Simplecell, waste management professionals such as MEVA and Elkoplast, and consulting companies such as Ernst&Young. In Slovakia, the Sensoneo solution is distributed by selected qualified partners. The most important one is Slovanet – a provider of the LoRaWAN IoT network which has managed the vast majority of installations in Slovakia. Another company that has recently become certified to manage the Sensoneo solution is the Orange telecommunications operator.


Author: Andrea Basilová, SENSONEO

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