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January 31, 2019

We only have to change our mindset and approach

Mankind’s lifelong ambition has been to live in a healthy, secure place which, at the same time, would provide social opportunities. We live in times that strongly favour the creation of such places.
Thanks to the overall education level, economic progress and easy access to information technologies, today it’s possible to establish these conditions in existing metropolises and places with an access to energy sources. Making use of the available options can result in smart cities that run in an efficient way, offering a healthy lifestyle and envi-ron-ment, presenting more job creation opportunities, ensuring their own growth, and improv-ing social inclusion and citizen involvement.

Cities can increase their functionality level, long-term sustainability and the living stand-ards of their residents mainly by integrating smart technologies in the citizens’ lives and simplifying their basic life situation. The implementation of a smart city concept requires a conceptual and complex approach that can result in a num-ber of benefits and synergis-tic effects. Positive reasons for expanding this concept include rapid technological devel-opment and the reduced costs for the collection, sharing and analysis of data.

With proper planning and financing, cities could improve their functionality and long-term sustainability and raise the living standards of their citizens. If we can successfully create natural synergies by making use of avail-able technologies in a way that residents will not perceive them as intrusive but will only experience the benefits of their proper function-ing, we will be able to build them a safe, healthy and smart place to live in. Another goal is to run public services in a transparent, sustainable and secure way, in as healthy an environment as possible.

The smart city concept offers a complex approach to the functioning of an urban region. It affects various aspects of society, such as culture, infrastructure, environment, energy, social services, healthcare, a healthy lifestyle and others. In all of these areas it pursues multiple interconnected objectives that form a system based on the principles of sustain-able development.
Smart cities are thus modernised urban areas where everything from traffic to energy may be connected to dig-ital technologies, allowing a two-way information transfer be-tween the infrastructure and the city’s residents and visitors. Making use of Internet of Things, Big Data or Machine Learning technologies and their intercon-nectedness ena-bles city officials to directly interact with citizens or with the infrastructure to monitor the state of the city. They will also indicate which services might be needed in the future to improve the quality of life of every resident.
Smart cities thus motivate all technologists, developers and engineers to join forces. Their natural objective is to increase their expertise and quality, and to present solutions to satisfy people’s needs regarding various aspects of infrastructure, social behaviour and culture. Thanks to the reintroduction of semiconductor technologies in lighting tech-nology, lighting is becoming a physical platform that links technologies since it is present in every civilised place while simultaneously fostering civilised lifestyle.

I am glad that as technically-oriented humanists, we have the opportunities and tools to improve people’s quality of life not only by providing them with night lighting, but also by creating conditions for educational development in mediated data, assessing the quality of environmental livability, and increasing the efficien-cy of time and brainpower usage in the safe environment of our cities and villages. And this is all thanks to technology.


Eduard Kačík, Lightech

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