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March 4, 2019

Smart City Pole is a fully developed component of an intelligent city infrastructure, suitable for various urban environments. Thanks to its sensory equipment it is designed to actively collect and interpret data. It also offers number of additional features for the benefit of the city and its inhabitants.

Useful Data Generator

Smart City Pole was designed to satisfy all the essential needs of its users. It offers internet connection, built-in USB chargers, weather station, sensors sensible to various parameters, like: air quality, presence of volatile organic substances and allergens, humidity, atmospheric pressure or wind speed.

To enforce the safety of its installation Smart City Pole exploits a system of four cameras with enhanced video analysis technology, SOS button linked directly to security service and an intercom for two-way communication.

Smart City Pole offers simple and intuitive widget interface through which the users can view on the data collected. All this makes Smart City Pole a feature able to contribute directly to the quality of life and safety in the living quarters and, in the same time, to serve as useful data generator for the city and people in it.

Business case Magio Beach

Last summer the first working model of Smart City Pole CitySys was serving the visitors of Magio Beach. It sported a weather station, six USB plugs, electrometer, two security cameras and an LCD touch screen displaying Magio Beach web site and the collected data. Throughout its installation the Smart City Pole was collecting, among others, the data about temperature, air pressure, humidity, presence of volatile organic substances, light parameters and solar radiation performance.

This enabled the visitors and the site operator an access, in real time, to the processed information about local area. Last, but not least, from a long-term and more complex point of view the juxtaposition of collected values can be useful for urban planning, since it says a lot about the overall quality of the environment and its suitability for living or mass gathering.

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