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Business-drive IOT architecturePlatform Layers Reflecting User Types

designed for state administration to control in a defined region/city/… e.g. region control room team responsible for operative control of the city and contract performance

designed for service operators to operate of a specific segment in a defined region/city/… e.g. organization responsible for instance lighting or waste, or parking in the city

CustomizabiltyOne Platform Many Different Customers/content

ExpandabilityBuild on Use Everywhere

Sipossbility of multiple use of the module / integration for various deployments
– Partner integration
– By deploying the module from ecosystem

Openess on all layersOptmisation of Resources and Costs

– we should use existing infrastructure and solutions
– we should build platform as a sustainable open architecture based on standards and publicly accepted protocols with the ability to integrate / change components on any layer and domain (devices, connectivity, platform, data, …)
– we should be ready for interdisciplinary scenarios (data, services)

Platform & API layer

why & what we needed
  • complex & mature IoT platform with device & asset management, telemetry data collection, RPC calls, rule engine,
    data storage, etc.
  • openness for any integration with any devices or gateways (including network servers)
  • horizontal scalability & fault-tolerance support
  • API for any 3rd systems or GUI applications with strong usability and performance
  • support for complex and various data operation
Our Solution
  • we have customized and extendent an OSS IoT platform:
    – various types of attributes (server, shared, client) providing easy implementation of shadow device capabilities
    – standardised two-way communication
    – asset management, modelling & relations
    – custom object (business logic storage as an extension of the platform to provide support for 3rd party systems)
    – expandable and scalable rule engine
    – etc.
  • we have integrated and customized BigData platform
  • we develop API on the top of IoT and BigData platforms using GraphQL and REST API (used by 3rd systems and GUI apps)
Widget system
Perfect connectivity
User-friendly interface
Simple setup
IoT Smart packages
Various settings

Edge & Devices Layer

Why & what we needed

  • support near-real time scenarios
  • connection fault-tolerance
  • ability to connect various devices
  • support inter-connected scenarios on Edge

Lighting as central infrastructure

  • power on place
  • total coverage in the city
  • public lighting switchboard as Remote Edge Controller

Our solution

We developed controller for public lighting switchboard and SmartPole:

  • based on standard operating system (Linux) and LogicMachine product,
  • support for many interfaces
    (e. g. KNX, Z-Wave, ModBus RTU/TCP, BACnet IP, EnOcean, DMX, M-Bus, GSM, 1-wire, DALI, Bluetooth 4.0 LE),
  • standardized interfaces for command calls and communications through REST or MQTT API
  • open for programming in any LUA scripts,
  • has several type of databases to prevent data loss,
  • compiled interpreter for best performance,
  • abstract data model for unified, quick and organised work with objects,
  • tools for automated deployment, diagnostics and configuration,
  • etc.

Platform architecture


Device and Asset Management

  • Management of physical devices
  • Modelling of the real world and its devices
  • Expanding data structures with special objects

Rule Engine and Plugins

  • Data processing and its storage
  • Ability to respond by email or SMS to events that are triggered
  • Ability to call remote service using standard protocols (MQTT, AMQP, REST, RPC)
  • Ability to call another device using a rule or other device
  • Ability to redirect data to any Bigdata platform

Data visualisation

  • Ability to visualise captured data and sensor data using built-in dashboards and pre-loaded widgets
  • Ability to visualise the data of stored objects that extend the schema of stored data
  • Possibility of mating a dashboard for end customers from the tenant level
  • Ability to extend programming of widgets

Scalability, performance and maintenance

  • Robustness, scalability and platform deployment
  • Horizontal scaling support (Apache Zookeeper)
  • Ability to insert platform into cloud even to local IT infrastructure
  • Fault-tolerant, i. no single-point-of-failure, every node in the cluster is identical

User Management

  • Multi-tenant support – the tenants of the platform are able to operate
    with separate administration (device management, rules, plugins, …)

Data and Platform Interfaces

  • Support for reading and writing data into platform objects through REST and MQTT interface (equipment, asset, etc.)
  • Asynchronous Read Data Support (Websocket)
  • Remote call capability (including bulk), platform object management (creation, modification and deletion of devices, group of devices and assests, etc.)
  • The ability to integrate business applications and third-party GUIs

Open and Microservice Architecture

  • Openness of the platform in terms of its connection to other systems, e.g. Bigdata
  • Openness of plugins creation and platform extensions


  • Support planning and management of IoT installation projects
  • Support user logging and its visualisation
  • Mobile application for lighting installation and management
  • Reporting


the whole architecture CITYSYS as a central platform over all other systems. In order to achieve the overall benefits of SmartCity, it is necessary for the solution to be able to manage the interaction of the domain control subsystems, to ensure the exchange and processing of data across the city. The subsystem interaction is provided by the orchestration of the services and individual subsystems, which will automate multiple scenarios across different domains, e.g. public lighting associated with waste management. As part of the solution, the flexibility of the solution has to be prepared for the different scenarios of responsibilities, legislation and competency settings and technologies used. And that’s what CitySys wants to fulfill.

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