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November 28, 2018

The CitySys platform from OMS, a.s won the International prize as selected by an expert jury in the category: SMART CITY PROJECT Slovakia 2018! The awards ceremony of the second edition of Chytrá města budoucnosti 2018 (Smart cities for the future 2018) organised by the SCII – Smart City Innovations Institute – took place during the German-Czech cooperation forum, “Smart City technologies”. Radovan Slíž, the CEO of OMS, said while receiving the award, “We are very excited to have received this award and we are happy that such a unique product as the CitySys platform was chosen as the winner. It has all the characteristics necessary for a good Smart city platform. It connects businesses and technologies, it’s user-friendly, and creates an excellent introduction to the Smart world for all towns and cities. Within the company and with our partners we have already started working on the next steps, such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), which will undoubtedly become the future of Smart City solutions.


German-Czech cooperation forum “Smart City technologies”

As the name suggests, the forum was dedicated to technologies that are used in Smart Cities. Over 130 respected experts from Germany, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia attended the meeting. A well-balanced agenda of specialised speeches on interesting topics was crowned by the Chytrá města budoucnosti 2018 awards.

The expert jury selected winners in the following categories:

  • Chytrá obec (Smart town) 2018 – up to 10,000 residents
  • Chytré mesto (Smart city) 2018 – up to 50,000 residents
  • Chytré mesto (Smart city) 2018 – over 50,000 residents
  • Chytrý región (Smart region) 2018
  • IDEA/VISION Smart City 2018
  • International award for the best Smart City projects from Slovakia and Germany
  • Smart City Start Up 2018
  • City data portal 2018
  • Smart City project for the public and for communities
  • Urbanism and strategic management
  • 2 international awards for the best Smart City projects from Slovakia and Germany


Award for the CitySys platform

The CitySys platform clearly received the best feedback from the jury in the category. The platform captured their interest with its openness and its capability to integrate several applications necessary to efficiently manage towns or cities, into a single system. CitySys enables you to monitor, evaluate, manage, and analyse data, increase the efficiency of town and city administration, lower overall operation costs and bring about better conditions for residents’ lives and business. The jury appreciated this technological and business openness, meaning the platform has the capability to be expanded with other modules and applications over time. It also permits integration with other systems from different vendors (parking, waste management, and others), which allows the platform to monitor important parameters of a particular city/town area within a single user interface.

OMS thereby confirmed its leading position amongst Slovak and Czech Smart technology providers.


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