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What is a Smart Office Room?

The system solution created especially for the building proprietors or building renters. This Smart solution ensures the better working environment for employees and also gain the statistical overview of employee movement, the air quality, an energy saving and much more.

Data processing and analysing

These data were measured at our testing office
These data were measured at Light + Building 2018, Messe Frankfurt, from 18 to 23 March 2018  at OMS stand.

Data visualisation

The data visualisation in user‘s environment is displayed via web browser with required Internet connection.

The monitoring possibilities

The data visualisation in user‘s environment is displayed via web browser with required Internet connection.
The browsing is detailed view of how exactly employees utilise the office room area or how they interact with the zones. The proprietors or bosses should easy check how effective is their working time. The employee is precisely tracked and analysed thanks to RTLS (Real-time location system).
Air Quality
The system can be connected to other various sensors for monitoring relevant air pollutant. It can be used to monitor the air quality, humidity or temperature in the office room.
Lighting control
It provides the right light in the right place at right time. It increases the working effectivity and it also ensures the higher creativity of employees sitting in the Smart Office Room.
An energy saving
It ensures advanced metering usage results. It also enables metering by utilizing ThingsBoard API to control and manage smart meters.
Demographic monitoring
It provides information as gender and age average of employees who attend the office room, thanks to the dedicated biometric sensors, The roprietors of building or bosses could easily check, who usually attend the office room. It can also easily detect unauthorised entrance into office room.

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