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  • Solar panel
  • 3x Advertising space
  • Tickets
  • ATM
  • Kiosk
  • WiFi
  • Camera
  • Sensor
  • Luminaire
  • Bus stop marking
  • Traffic information




The main advantage of the Smart bus stop is the possibility of simple and fast replacement of the existing obsolete bus stop with our new multifunctional bus stop. Installation of the smart bus stop ensures a multifunctional public space for its users and increases the level and accessibility of new services for visitors and citizens.

The bus stop offers many integrated functions, such as the sale of public transport tickets via integrated payment devices, locking of bicycles, sale of food and beverages, monitoring of air quality and noise levels, security camera, heated benches and seats, Wi-Fi connection, advertising space and accessibility of various information via Smart Kiosk.

All the information and services are easily accessible even for children and disabled people. Stereo speakers enable easy access to necessary information even for visually impaired citizens.
Smart Kiosk integrated in the bus stop offers an additional vast amount of information available for citizens. The interactive Kiosk is a computer terminal providing access to information and applications for communication, commerce, entertainment or education. It can be installed within the Smart bus stop or even separately in the street.

The Kiosk enables the connection of people with the city infrastructure and significantly supports their engagement. Information about the city together with the map and history of the city and streets bring a new perspective for tourism and increased knowledge about the history. Timetables for all public transport lines are commonplace. Travel planning thus becomes a simple aid for effective travelling and support of the use of public transport as well as the reduction of the number of vehicles in the streets. The possibility to publish information about offices, schools and hospitals belong among the other great functions of this product. Since it is an information channel accessible to all the citizens, even children – setting of accessible and blocked sites is one of the inevitable requirements of today. Based on the requirements, every Kiosk can have various set and integrated functions. The configuration of the functions is simple and easily adaptable. The bus stop can be managed via remote administration. The city or municipality can collect all the gained data and analyse them for enabling further efficient operation.

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