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OMS, a.s., offers a family of traffic Radar sensors called UMRR – Universal Medium Range Radar. Within this family, three different Radar generations exist: UMRR-0A, UMRR-0F and
UMRR-0C. For each Radar generation, a number of different antennas are available – so the permanent fixed field of view and max. range can be selected by the customer.
This data sheet describes the UMRR-0A Radar with Type 29 antenna model (all model specific values are highlighted).
Type 29 Antenna aims at long range with wide horizontal angular coverage.




The sensor is a very robust low cost 24GHz Radar for traffic management applications. It works in adverse conditions, almost unaffected by weather, and independent of sunlight, in a wide temperature interval.
The customer can select from a number of antenna and housing models which determine the permanent fixed field of view and range. Type 29 Antenna aims at long range with wide horizontal angular coverage.
One individual sensor measures range, radial speed, angle, reflectivity and other parameters of multiple stationary and moving reflectors (targets) simultaneously. The following detection principle is integrated:

Doppler based radial motion detection (> 0.1m/s), including:
a) Direct Doppler measurement
b) Direct Range measurement
c) Direct Angle measurement

Reflectors having a radial speed component of typ. abs. >0.1m/s are detected. Having multi target capability, the sensor may report many reflectors at a time being within the field of
Additionally filter algorithms are implemented for the tracking of all detected reflectors over time, those tracking algorithms are integrated in the sensor. Multiple objects are tracked simultaneously; the individual reflectors are separated in the detection algorithms by having a different radial speed value (difference > 0.25m/s) and also by the tracking algorithms and
data base.

The result of the tracking is an object list with the following parameters:
– x position
– y position
– x component of the velocity
– y component of the velocity
– other…

Hence the sensor reports such a list of all tracked objects inside its field of view in every measurement cycle of typ. 50ms length. Stationary reflectors are not reported. Stopped objects are reported, as they remain valid in the tracking data base until they start moving again, for example at a stop bar. The field of view typically covers up to four lanes.

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