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SmartCityPole brings a new perspective on how to combine multiple services into one product including:

  • Security (camera, SOS module)
  • Air monitoring
  • Secured and controlled Wi-Fi
  • Touch panel
  • Charging of eBikes, eScooters or other devices (via USB)

Its functionality makes it an ideal device for smaller outdoor spaces such as squares, promenades, parks, stops or other public transport stations. At the same time, however, it can also be useful for bike trails and pathways, where you can easily and quickly provide assistance, or to access needed information through the 10.4 ”inch LCD display. Of course you can easily recharge your eBike or eScooter (230V socket). Machine has capacity to charge up to charge up to 6 devices simultaneously.

SmartCityPole (SCP) is managed and monitored remotely on the CitySys platform, where you can check its status in real time and evaluate all measured information (from camera recording to environmental data). Thanks to its durable, maintenance-free design, it can be placed anywhere.


Wi-Fi network available for passers-by.

Sensors located at the top of the device measure all meteorological data and collect information about air quality, CO2, VOC and dust particle concentration (with accuracy of PM2,5 and PM10). Comprehensive evaluation of measured parameters is available via CitySys platform on user-friendly screen. Historical data can be accessed through standardized API.

LED RGB strip displays the current status of the device by change of the color signal. There are three colour resolutions, namely the blue lighting, which indicates the standard status of the device, the green illumination indicating the charging through the device, and finally the red illumination, which is triggered in the case of SOS tapping.

There are cameras directly on the device, which are used to increase the security around the pole and video analysis of the surroundings (counting people, face recognition, ripping around the device, etc.).

The 10.4 “LCD touch panel consists of a touch screen and a PC where you can also install your own CSM player. The touch screen serves as an information or advertising channel (official board, tourist information board, public transport timetable, etc.) and it is fully customizable.

The SOS signal serves to trigger a message that informs the administrator of the emergency situation around the pole.
Built-in speakers and microphone are controlled automatically by the audio loop. In the event of a malfunction, In the event of malfunction, the device will log itself in and adjust the volume and sensitivity of the microphone depending on the ambient noise level. The SOS audio unit automatically connects to the security server where 3D visualization shows what is happening around the device. The system offers archiving of calls along with audio / video recordings. If you are interested in a direct connection, it is possible to select a phone number to which an applicant would be connected automatically.

There is a possibility to charge mobile phones, tablets or other devices with charging via USB port, while the 230 V socket is used to charge eBike or other products supporting e-mobility.

The Smart City Pole, not only helps to increase security around its area, but it is also protected against unauthorized access into device. There is a so-called ,,Door contact” which detects and records unauthorized access to the device.


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