Security Management

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More and more people are crowding our towns and cities, and their need to feel safe is growing daily. Emergency security solutions for town and city centres bridge the gap between the public and security personnel. Highly efficient video, voice and control links maintain a reliable connection between Emergency Call Stations and the Control Desk.


  1. HELP POINT / with audio, video and signalling
  2. EMERGENCY HELP POINTS / with bollard/barrier control
  3. EMERGENCY STATIONS / on public transport stations, under-crossings,…
  5. CONTROL ROOM / with visualisation SW and CCTV integration
  6. INTEGRATION OF MOBILE RADIO / of police on foot or mobile patrols


Emergency Call Stations with SOS Button:

  • Activation of distress call and signaling in case of emergency or critical situation
  • Active call to Help Point with activation of loud notification in case suspicious behavior detection via CCTV
  • Providing information to citizens and visitors – information about public transport, parking, for tourists etc.
  • Audio-monitoring
  • Automatic emergency call activation – voice detection
  • Calming messages, voice announcements
  • Call recording (Pre-alarm audio recording)
  • Security from emergency button misuse
  • Adapted for people with disabilities
  • Additional equipment (AED, first aid kit, fire extinguisher…)

Notifications and announcements :

  • Emergency call stations with integrated IP amplifiers and IP speakers
  • Interface with current public broadcast system
  • Voice announcements, warning from the operations center for an active notification, automatic play of announcements
  • Evacuation announcements

Built-In Intelligence Functionality Monitoring

Management and Integration

Operator Workstations


  • Control workplace with graphical user interface
  • Visualization of system, object and site
  • Overview of plans, devices layout, zones, control
  • State of devices – high reliability and availability
  • Flexible scenario building in response to an input case
  • Support for case resolution – accompanying texts, plans, intervention manuals


Acoustic Detection of Graffiti Vandalism

  • Graffiti Buster™ is a unique intelligent system of acoustic monitoring and detection of graffiti vandalism
  • Analysis and classification of detected sounds based on machine learning mechanism
  • Generation of alarm event identifying the type of sound and place location
  • Detection, analysis and generation of alarm message < 1 s
  • Without any restrictions ever in reduced visibility (darkness, fog)

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