Energy Management

CitySys – platform for Cities & Municipalities


  • comprehensive information about utility consumption’s and energy production
  • a real-time overview of all sensors – what´s happening right now
  • data history saved every 60 seconds – unlimited browsing of your consumption history
  • real-time notifications about individually adjustable alerts – info on all the events you´re curious about
  • e-mail reports – weekly and monthly
  • exports of full data history into XLS and CSV
  • a cloud-based solution – measured data that´s accessible anytime and anywhere, from any computer, tablet, or mobile phone

What do we monitor and why?

Help people understand their consumption, reduce inefficiency and waste. Ultimately to reduce reliance and fossil fuels, leading to cost savings and a cleaner environment.
Monitor and remotely control heating cost and never worry about leaving the gas on again.
Make flood damage from water leakage impossible. Stay safe and calm with real-time alerts and the ability to manage the costs for water consumption.
Air Quality
Because you can´t put a price of health, but you can quantify the inputs to a healthy environment indoors.
Measure, monitor and maintain data from your cities and business to optimize energy consumption and maximize safety. Our goal is to provide a seamless and effortless way to better understand consumption with real-time data to monitor and control energy use and ultimately save money. Based in the heart of Europe, we can keep our development costs low by hiring local developers while still maintaining the highest possible quality. As all of our development is done in-house, we can maintain a very high standard and ensure perfect compatibility.

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