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CitySys – system ready to help build a functioning ecosystem that reflects and supports the role of the partnership model and also supports the role of key market players in Smart Cities projects.



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Innovative and Sustainable
Solutions for Smart Cities

The smart city concept combines multiple components: the innovative use of information technology, efficient transport, sustainable energy consumption, and a clean environment. Now, citizens will receive services that offer them more comfortable better lives in the city you’re your smart city’s advantages. All this thanks to the public lighting system, through which cities are able to build their own infrastructure without any unnecessary costs.

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Cities are presently facing new challenges. Some citizens complain about air quality, while others complain about the lighting conditions in their city districts, not to mention the problems associated with waste management, traffic-related problems, parking, security, climate change, the lack of information, or problems relating to ever-growing urbanization. Most cities attempt to address certain problems by using partial systems. On the other hand, we offer the integration of all these systems into a single and unique CitySys solution.

CitySys means Innovative and Sustainable Solutions for Smart Cities and is able to efficiently use the public lighting network to build the infrastructure for your Smart City. By replacing the luminaries in the public lighting system, it is possible to create a data collection communication network via EDB, Electric Distribution Box.  It means, that EDB is used like a centre unit, which works as complex intelligence at the place and not only at light level in the fastest and most cost-effective way.

Main objectives of the ecosystem

  1. To create a functioning ecosystem of smart city solutions by working together with key players in a smart city market based on mutually beneficial partnerships and barrier-free levels of cooperation
  1. Accelerate development and ensure long-term deployment of solutions with the help of an independent organization interoperability of solutions based on accepted standards, reference architecture and open source implementations.
  1. Create and shape the emerging market for smart city data and services by providing expert assistance to cities and municipalities in preparation; implementation and development of solutions at their place of operation through a network of local ecosystem partners

Conditions for incorporating the solution into the platform ecosystem

  • An existing solution can be included in the platform catalog if it meets the standards implemented by the orange components of the reference architecture (see: Compatible Solution Provider (CSV))
  • Certified solution using a shared platform infrastructure solution is certified if it uses at least the red-marked Core Context Information component
  • Platform Manager in your solution (see Certified Solution Provider (CSP))

The partnership model should be based on the following goals:

  • low barrier entry and participation in the ecosystem
  • possibility to be a partner for existing solutions on the market (they do not have CitySys and do not support it)
  • As performance and engagement grow, partner benefits increase
  • Supporting local market leaders with the option of creating an ecosystem under their control (option to purchase platform, including license and source code)

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